The Story Behind UGG

UGG is now a word that can be understood in any language. Anyway, the UGG boots or just UGG is a generic term for a style of sheepskin footwear which is originally worn in Australia and New Zealand for almost two centuries. This name for the pure sheepskin boot style is actually short for “ugly” as the appearance of the boot is big and odd. Whatever, UGG is actually a slang term in Australia and local people all prefer to call these beloved sheepskin moccasins the UGG. Comfortable and warm, these boots can do a great job to keep the wearer’ s feet and even the lower leg against the elements. And this finally makes this boot style popularized all over the world more that a century after it makes its first appearance within the region of Australia.Ā 

However, UGG in today’ s era is not a generic term for sheepskin boot but a trademark owned by an American company. Although Australia companies are trying to fight against the exclusive right for the use of the word UGG, now the market is still flooded with a lot so-called imitations UGG boots, which are just not produced by the logo owned company.

The story of this shoe from Australia is an illustrious legend, actually. During the World War I, these boots were the favorite of aviators who wear these sheepskin boots to keep warm in flying-high altitude. When they took these boot styles home and even gift their families or friends, the boot started to build its reputation out of the boundaries. However, this is just the beginning of the story. In 1960′ s the worldwide surfing craze made many a man gather on the beach of Australia and enjoyed themselves with surfing. When the surfers found an odd and big footwear was worn by Australian surfers, they made note and also bag themselves a nice pair and shocking found that charisma of this sheepskin boot style, which was named UGG by local people. Again, surfers across the globe began to get used to the pampered feel of the boot and took them every time while en route.

Gradually, the comfort of UGG makes its fame swept over the world. Although its debut is not plaining sailing, as a perfect instance of the fashion principle “fashion follows function”, this boot is convincing enough for people to consider them as a must for any wardrobe. In other word, the advent of UGG actually evoke the hidden passion of modern people who has go a long way and suffer from the fashion heels or other shoes among the “fashionable” and “trendy”. Like a blockbuster, it arouses a fashion revolution and set a new trend for fashion sense.

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