The Most Important Currencies in the Forex Investing World

The approach you can take depends on your level of expertise in Forex investing. If you are a beginner, start with learning about the market and its concepts, then go to opening a demo account and then trade for real. In all this process you go back periodically to upgrading your knowledge, simulating on a demo and then again trading for real.

If you are a professional in the forex field, you should search for continuous improvement of your knowledge, regarding technical analysis, as well as fundamental analysis that has to do with international economics.

An important tool is the Economic Calendar, where you see chronologically the most important economic data that arrive from the big economies in the world. Every trader or investor should use this tool, as the data can influence also other markets, like the stock market or the bond markets.

Which are the most important currencies in the Forex investing world?

In a 3 trillion dollar market a day, there are some important currency pairs that drive almost all the interest of market participants.

First we have the “majors” that is the most traded currencies, representing the most important economies in the world: USD – the American dollar, EUR – the European currency, GBP – the British pound, JPY – the Japanese Yen, AUD – the Australian dollar.

Secondly, we have a range of big economies or mid-sized economies, which represent a certain type of economy. Some economies are linked to services, like New Zeeland, and here we have NZD – the New Zeeland Dollar, other economies are linked to natural resources: CAD – the Canadian Dollar, RUB – the Russian Rubble, BRL – the Brazilian Real, NOK – the Norwegian Kroner.

A separate category is RMB – the Chinese Reminbi (or Chinese yuan), because here we don’t have a full flexibility of the currency. Even though China is one of the biggest economies in the world, its currency has very limited fluctuations, and might not seem as interesting for forex investing. It is expected that in the future the importance and the flexibility of the Chinese currency will grow.


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