Getting Started With Self-Publishing

Creating your eBook and getting it ready for online publishing is a pretty simple task. However, some new authors do tend to get confused about how to get things started.

For that, we’ve put together a list of what you should keep in mind as well as a guide that you can follow. It doesn’t matter what kind of book you’re putting together-whether it be a work of fiction, a biography, something informational or inspirational, all that matters is you present everything properly and in a manner that appeals to your target readership.

With that said, shall we begin?

1. Putting your book together. For this, you need to have a clear direction when it comes to where you want to take your book. Clarity is key so if you have one too many ideas, it would be best to write them all down. From there, start sorting through which ones you can develop and which ones need to be worked on a bit more. Keep on doing this until you’re left with one or two really strong ones then take your pick between them. Remember, if you ever lose your way while writing, repeating this process would help. Always note down your ideas!

2. It’s alright to make mistakes. There will always be drafts before you end up with the final version of your work. If you make any mistakes or need to change things in order for everything to be cohesive, don’t be afraid to delete anything that no longer fits. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, this is still progress. You’re improving your work to better suit publishing-after all, wouldn’t you rather make mistakes now when you can still change them instead of finding them later when people have already seen your book? Make as many drafts as you need, then compare each one until you find the best version.

3. Get a friend or a professional to proofread your work. This is important, especially if you’re the type of writer who is used to keeping their writing to themselves. Not only would this enable you to be braver when showing your work, it should also be able to provide you with a different perspective when it comes to your book’s content. As a writer, you may not always see the flaws in your own writing, so getting someone else’s opinion is valuable.

4. Publishing. Self-publishing platforms such as Amazon Kindle do have terms and conditions that you need to get familiar with. If you’re a new writer, learning about commissions, royalties, copyrights and other related subjects is very important. Before you click on “submit” make sure you understand what you’re getting into. The best thing about Kindle is that you have full control over your work. You can change the price, make tweaks in your content, and even pull out the book from online shelves at any given time.

5. Get the word out. Last but not least, do market your book. If you want to gain financially from it, you need to market it properly. Send copies to potential reviewers, tell family and friends too! Social media is the best tool for this purpose so do make full use of it.

Self-publishing may seem daunting at first, but this isn’t the case once you get down and start with the work. Yes, it is challenging, but most people will find this one of the most rewarding things about it as well. Good luck!

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