Basmati Rice – The Pride of India

Basmati Rice has always been a matter of immense pride for India. Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, the Indian Long Grain Rice commands a culinary dominance around the world. Various Indian Rice Brands have captured the global markets already and many more are poised to spread the goodness in the future. There are numerous undeniable qualities which makes the Indian Long Grain Basmati the best rice the world will ever taste. We’ve listed a few of them here.

Authentic Taste of Basmati

Basmati Rice comes in a number of varieties, varying in their texture, quality and cost. The best and most authentic Rice is the perfect concoction of mesmerizing taste, form and aroma; straight from the laps of the majestic Himalayas.

Sourced from the best paddy fields

Authentic Indian Rice grows mostly in the Himalayan range. The farming community in these areas are provided with constant support and guardianship to ensure they produce the best quality extra long rice, which is acquired at a fair deal to supply around the world.

Basmati Rice – a royal choice

Basmati Rice has been the preferred choice of great rulers and emperors throughout history. It derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘vasamti’ which means fragrant. Its unique aroma and length of grains distinguishes it from the rest of over 1400 types of rice consumed all over the world.

The perfect process

One of the main prerequisites for producing the best Basmati Rice Brand is to follow the perfect process resulting into fabulous rice. Keeping tabs on the entire process through a predetermined flow ensures the signature quality Basmati Rice for which India is renowned for.

The process starts with procuring paddy from a chosen few vendors/ farmers who follow the exact process to grow the kind of Rice the Indian subcontinent boasts of.
Then the processing plants take over where all impurities are removed through a rigorous process of cleaning, impurity separation, de-husking, sizing and polishing.
The rice is then stored in state-of-the-art storage silos where it is aged until they assume the perfect qualities like size, texture and taste.
Then comes the quality check at each stage to ensure every grain of the Basmati Rice speaks for the legacy of India.
Great for your favourite recipes

It’s a widely known fact that Basmati has been around for centuries, being the rice of preference of many. The Indian Extra Long Rice is special in many ways, one of which is its absolute dominance in a number of unique recipes which are incomplete without it. Not only does the rice adds irresistible taste and aroma to any recipe it is included in, but it also transforms the simplest of dishes into a grand affair. The sheer majesty of these fine white rice grains creates a mesmerising culinary experience.

The last word

Spectacular from the first bite to the last, the Basmati Rice is capturing the taste-buds of global consumers by leaps and bounds with every passing moment. From the European countries to the American continents, from Australia to Russia; Indian Rice is gaining widespread popularity and a permanent place on the dining tables of many. Vegan or a hard-core meat lover, Basmati Rice is one food item which must be in your grocery list every time you visit the supermarket. If you haven’t tasted the magical grains from the laps of the Himalayas yet, now is a good time to start. Happy Eating!

Shivam Parikh is company CEO of the Arete. Arete is one of the best Indian Basmati Rice brands available globally. We bring India’s finest Long Grain Basmati Rice on thousands of plates daily. Arete brings India’s finest Basmati Rice to Germany and other parts of Europe. Experience true Basmati taste with our rice varieties available at your nearest supermarkets.

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