3 Ways to Improve Your Networking Image

Did you know that you have a networking image? Many savvy networkers do not have a clue and do not take advantage of this extraordinary branding mechanism. What is a networking image? It is the tangible and / or intangible impression or form which a person reflects. It can help to build credibility, trust, professionalism, likeability etc. On the other hand, a bad image can create the opposite. https://usdfregion1.org

Below are effective ways of establishing a networking worthy impression for big success.

Physical Image

The most notable image is your physical image. Research shows that the way in which a person carries themselves is judged in a few seconds of them meeting someone. In regards, to your physical image, you want to be neat, proper and respectable. Appear in a way which aligns with your career, industry, etc. Develop an impression which compliments your personality. Keep an image that is true and consistent to your brand.

Written Image

Your written appearance involves your business cards, written correspondences, marketing material and online presence. All of these aspects should be similar and constant with your personality traits, skills, abilities, profession, etc. Whether on paper or online, make sure that you are being represented in a clear, professional and polished manner.

Verbal Image

Last but not least is your verbal exchange. This is the way you introduce yourself, your elevator pitch and the way in engage in conversations. Your verbal interactions, similar to your other images, should reflect your expertise and professionalism. It should also be culturally sound.

Utilize these techniques to create a dynamic networking profile. Make sure that your images align with one another and adds value and credibility.

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